Subject Line

Make sure that your post contains a valid subject line containing a gist of your post rather than things like 'Help!!!', 'HELP ME PLEEEEEASE', 'Urgent Request' or 'Proposal'. Also, don't be afraid to modify the subject if a discussion has moved to a different topic than that originally present in the subject!

OTOH, don't modify subject line without necessity, because many mail clients rely on a subject line to combine mails into threads. Abusing a mail subject line will annoy a lot of people.

Message Recycling / Threading

Do not start a New message or thread by hitting "Reply" in your mail client and changing the subject. When you do this, you mess up other participant's ability to read mail in a threaded fashion. When you mean to post a new message, use New, and when you want to reply to an existing message, hit Reply.

Pseudo-legal disclaimers

Do not attach obnoxious pseudo-legal, nonsensical disclaimers to your messages. People on Free Software / open source lists do not like to be threatened with these. If your company insists on attaching such disclaimers to messages going out to mailing lists (where, by definition, the sender has *NO* control over who gets to see the message), then either use a free / webmail system, or just don't post.


Stay on-topic for the list. This isn't a good place to discuss automobiles, politics, music, or anything that is not related to the respective OsmocomBB mailing list. Sometimes topics will diverge from the general discussion, but please try to keep it relevant to the list topic.

Message time and date

Please make sure the date and time on your computer is always current. When your date is set to something such as the year 2099, messages posted by you will get sorted based on that date, which may put them outside of the related month or year they belong in.

List Archives

All messages sent to one of our mailing lists will be archived in the mailinglist archive. The archives are accessible to any interested party, and email addresses will not be obscured. Furthermore, it is customary practice for various other sites (like gmane, MARC, etc.) to keep their own independent list archives.

Thus, be careful in what you post. After you have sent it, it will be distributed to hundreds of other project members and will be published in several public archives.

Attachment size

Maximum message size for this mailing list is set to 1Mb. This means that you can't send big files or images to this mailing list. If you need to do so - upload files to some external server and provide a link. Project members could use our project hosting, others could upload to some other public services.

At the same time limitation of 1Mb should be big enough to allow you to post screenshots of your measurements, schematics pictures, etc.

Please make sure that you send big files as an attachments, even if they are textual. Subscribers sometimes work from GPRS/EDGE connections and downloading huge e-mails is a true pain. When you send big files as attachments, you give reader an opportunity to skip their download.

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